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Package Optimization
          Package optimization is a unique and outstanding service that we provide, including in-depth analysis and improvement solution.

In-depth Analysis
          Supply chains are too lengthy, theres too much product damage, containers are packed too loosely, standards are met too rarely.
Shipping products with wrong packaging is like opening a hole in the ocean and pouring money into it.
          Every supply chain has at least a few weak links.
          With In-depth analysis service,we examine your current packaging quality, processes and supply chain.We use tool tomodel what it actually costs you to use your existing packaging traveling through your unique supply chain.
          Next, well evaluate cost and offer ways to save time and cost, improve quality and streamline the operations of your packaging and shipping.

Improvement Solution

          We break down all of the components and we rebuild the supply chain to allow maximum improvements on everything.
          That is our Improvement solution.
          We can show you how to optimize boxes for both protection and shipping. We can help maximize cube efficiencies. We can help minimize damage. And we can help you achieve significant freight and handling savings.

See what we do:
1. Protect products during transport (Paper & structure have sufficient strength to protect product from damage)
2. Use recycle material for the package (e.g. paper instead of polyform)
3. Define paper material fit for the product package(no overpack / not weakness)
4. Save freight cost
          a. To reduce the cube of package by increasing the product density, increasing pack count, changing product orientation, etc.
          b. To enhance usage in container by using software

          You can see that we create box designs and package solutions to realize these savings, provide easier packing at the factory, improve product protection during shipping and expedite handling throughout the delivery process.
          The high quality boxes also substantially reduce supply-chain costs. And when they arrive at the distribution center or retail store, theyre either reusable or fully recyclable.
          In effect, we give you a roadmap to success.

  Working case
Working case1 Working case2 Working case3

Hayes Sun set Assembly Instruction.pdf

Package Optimization - THD case.pdf

Package Optimization - THD case.pdf


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